Commercial And Residential Security Systems.

Did you know 1 in 3 homes and businesses without security systems is burglarized compared to just 1 in 250 that have taken the proper measurements to secure their property?

From Miami to Fort Lauderdale, GTech Security is the local security system installation company of choice and keeps over 11,000 South Florida homes and businesses just like yours safe from all sorts of potential problems, including: burglary, home invasions and porch pirates with the top alarm systems and alarm control panels on the market

Protect and monitor your home and family with 1080 HP wireless security and video surveillance systems that deter criminals, make your neighborhood safer and even act as an early warning system for flooding and fires.

Secure your business and employees with an affordable, around-the-clock security solution that provides a safe work environment, safeguards your livelihood and significantly lowers your insurance premiums.

HD DVR Recordings

Quality footage that vastly improves your chances of retrieving your possession in the event of an incident

Stable Power Supplies

Stay protected even in an emergency

Secure Entry Control System

Door sensors, glass break detectors and an alarm keypad so you always know what you’re walking into or who else is coming in

Don’t Be Left Vulnerable.

Our expert security consultants come to your home or office, point out every blind spot and vulnerability and help you configure an easy-to-use, fully-functioning system that eliminates security breaches and allows you to remotely monitor inside and outside your property for 24/7 peace of mind.


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